Leading Ladies

AEC Low Res (for online) 2014 2

Melissa Thome

I am an Optometrist at Airdrie Eyecare, where I also work with my husband Dr. Bryan Thome who was raised in Airdrie. I am originally from a town called Devon, just outside of Edmonton and I have been in Airdrie since the summer of 2014. Although it has experienced significant growth and expansion over the past few years, I love that to me, Airdrie still has the community spirit of a small town. That is why I was very excited at the prospect of starting up a women’s chapter, with three fabulous local women, whose purpose is to give back to this outstanding community.


Jane Leblanc

I have lived in Airdrie for just over 5 years, and am a stay at home mom to 2 amazing young boys. I love that Airdrie maintains its small community feel, but offers opportunity, and am excited to be a part of supporting local charities through this initiative!


Brittni Stewart

I believe it’s the people that make Airdrie such an incredible place to live, which is why I seek out opportunities to help give back and support locally. The 100 Women Who Care of Airdrie have all been nothing short of inspirational and welcoming. After a short time as a member I was thrilled for a chance to join the Leading Ladies and it’s been my absolute pleasure to work alongside them towards our goals for this FANTASTIC group.