How can your business get involved?

Corporate Sponsorship

We give 100% to local charity.  There are no membership dues.  We have been relying on the generosity of our founders and our members to sponsor all sorts of things, like business cards, big presentation cheque, graphic design, postage, website costs, office supplies, etc.  We would greatly appreciate any amount of funding for items such as these.  Also, we have not yet been able to supply food at our meetings for similar reasons.  If your business would like to help us with these costs, we would be extremely grateful!

Matching Donations

Your business, department, professional or networking associations can join this initiative by simply matching the donations of our members.  You can match one member, our entire membership or somewhere in between.  Please consider matching your staff’s donations if they are already members.  This will have a direct and positive impact on our Airdrie community.


Spread the Word!

Encourage your staff to join the cause; spread the word about the 100 Women initiative and help us build awareness for charities in our community.  We have a poster that we can send you via email.  Just post this in your break room and or client space to show your support!   “Like” us on Facebook. Also, share our links on your website and social media pages.

We can’t Thank you Enough!

Current corporate sponsors will be thanked and mentioned at our meetings and posted on our social media pages and here on our website.  We will mention our sponsors during communication with other media outlet coverage such as newspapers commentary, magazines editorials and radio interviews.

Thank you to all our past sponsors. We look forward to your continued support.