What being a member means

Our goal is to support the wonderful non-profit and charitable organizations that are in the Airdrie and surrounding area. There are so many groups that are working to make our community a better, healthier, stronger place to live that don’t get all the funding they need to achieve their operating goals.

We don’t stop at 100 Women – we want as many members as we can get. The more women involved, the bigger the impact we can have on our community. Join us and experience that magical feeling of knowing that you directly impacted lives for the better four times a year! We ask that all new members commit to a year of meetings, but you are welcome to stay as long as you want – giving back is addicting.

Together We Will:

  • Bring together 100 (or more) women in Airdrie & Area who care about local community causes and who are committed to community service.
  • Meet for an hour. (or less!)
  • Jointly select a local charity or non-profit organization (nominated 2 weeks ahead of time).
  • Each member contributes $100 to vote each quarter, or $400 to vote at all 4 meetings of our annual season. We accept cheque or e-transfer (100womenwhocareairdrie@gmail.com Password: 100wwca) 
  • Gather four times a year and witness how $40,000 can improve the lives of our neighbours when placed in the hands of deserving grass-roots agencies working to serve the local community.
    **You can contribute the $100 per meeting yourself, or with another person/ group of people. However, you will only be registered as one member, and therefore only have one vote.

Top Ten Reasons To Join

#10 – Our quarterly meetings last just one hour–tops!

#9 – This is major fundraising without having to plan or attend yet another fundraising event.

#8 – 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity.

#7 – It’s fun! Arrive early/stay late to socialize and network with the other members.

#6 – You’ll get to see exactly what impact your donation made when the representatives of the chosen charities come to a subsequent meeting to explain how they used the donation.

#5 – You’ll be able to nominate local organizations about which you’re passionate and let others know about their good work.

#4 – You’ll learn about a wide variety of local charities, some of which you might not know.

#3 – You’ll be able to have an impact on your community, even if you personally can’t commit a lot of time to volunteering.

#2 – You can greatly increase the dollar impact of your own contribution on your local community by pooling it with the contributions of other women.


[Adapted from the 100 Women Who Care Chicago chapter]